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Irregular Slate Flagstone

Our Irregular Slate Flagstone is ideal for outdoor patios, walkways or stepping stones. Due to its resistance to acid, slate may be laid directly on soil. Typical installations are over sand and aggregate or concrete. Indoor installations are possible over a medium bed type mortar application. Because of its high density and very low water absorption characteristics, slate does not have a tendency to spall or de-laminate under freeze-thaw conditions. We can also gauge the flagging to a uniform thickness to allow interior installation even if the sub floor allowance is tight. Gauging a finished thickness will allow flagging to be used without interference to door and threshold clearances.

All pallets consist of 3000 lbs. of Slate, stacked on edge with slate headers. We can ship LTL as well as truck load. If, purchasing by truckload, we recommend a flatbed trailer and it is necessary to have side racks. We will not load flatbeds without side racks.

Quarry Run Grade

3/4" to 1" thick, 14lbs per sq ft
3/8" to 1/2" thick, 6.5lbs per sq ft

Rectangular and more uniform shape with two parallel saw cuts across the grain at 18" to 20". Sculpted along the grain at 12" to 14", with square edges and uniform thickness. Quarry Run Grade is the most uniform flagging we offer. The overall appearance is rectangular.

Valley Run Grade

3/4" to 1" thick, 14lbs per sq ft

The most irregular shaped and best value flagstone. Saw cut on at least one side. This provides a more rustic look and random pattern. Valley Run flagging is the most irregular shape we offer. The shapes will vary from rectangular to triangular. Assembling Valley Run Flagging is like a large puzzle, the pieces are fit together to fill the area and the look is truly random.