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Slate Sink Specialists

Sheldon Slate sinks are individually handcrafted in Monson, Maine using all of our finest Slate which is available in all colors. All of our sinks are custom made to your specifications. Every slate sink is unique! We custom build all of our sinks based on outside dimensions.

All of our sinks are built like fine furniture. Sinks are cut and fitted together by hand in the traditional fashion, ensuring quality and durability that is proven to last through the generations. All the pieces are rabbetted together. We drill, tap and bolt the pieces, assembling them into a complete sink. Our sinks can outlast the homes they are installed in!

Slate sinks are available with a front exposure, "Farm Sink" or a full under-mount. They have a polished/honed finish and are very low maintenance.

Custom lettering and designs are available for tile, back splashes and sinks. Your favorite quote, animal, or logo can be sandblasted into our slate for a truly one of a kind personalization.