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Layout Ideas & Patterns

Patterns provide for an interesting shape and texture. The natural stone product's identity is enhanced and looks more natural. Our patterns are random in appearance and blend the tiles into a pleasing mix of size and color.

Patterns de-emphasize lineal aspects of rooms or spaces. In addition, they can be used with borders, grids or pathways to create atmosphere or influence traffic.

Interlocking Patterns

Click on a thumbnail for larger images. Unless otherwise noted, all tiles are sawn less 3/8in to allow for joints.

About Interlocking Patterns

Each pattern group is modular and fits with each group on all sides, without the need for an installer to cut or improvise the layout. Seams between each unit dovetail with each other so they are undetectable.

Most patterns are packaged with one complete module in each carton making them easy to order, handle and install. When ordering, keep in mind to order to the next complete module. We cannot pack partial modules.

Patterns represent the most efficient use of actual stone quarry yield, so the cost is reduced versus all same size materials.