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Structural Dimensional Slate

Sheldon Slate Products Company, Inc. produces custom cut-to-size and finished slate in thick and large formats for structural and architectural applications.

Since the quarrying procedure utilizes the natural grain and bedding of the stone to extract the raw materials, the company does not produce the typical blocks and slabs common to the dimensional stone industry. Long and flat surfaces are produced by hand splitting as opposed to machine cutting. For this reason, sizes of natural cleft materials are limited in size to approximately 30" x 50". This size limitation is increased to approximately 48" x 96" if the surface is machine gauged and honed. Minimum thickness increases with size of the slab. The quantity of large pieces is limited and subject to availability. Due to the nature of our Slate, it has tremendous strength. Cantilevers and overhangs are possible and help to achieve a look not afforded by other stones.